Landlords come in different sizes ranging from the single unit owner to developers of rental complexes and communities. Along with the benefits of owning income producing property comes the occasional Problem Tenant(s) who simply WON’T pay the RENT!  

We have been SERVING and REMOVING Problem Tenants since 1991!


RUSH Evictions Incorporated/RushEvictions.comis Miami’s best and oldest (non-attorney) eviction services company. Our experienced team of Miami-Dade Court Officers/Certified Process Servers is trained to professionally serve and remove your Problem Tenant(s) FASTER!

The Miami-Dade Police Department is exceptional at prioritizing the following matters:  answering 911 emergency calls; dispatching EMTs, Fire Rescue, Police and SWAT; reacting to domestic violence incidents and enforcing Stay Away Orders; making arrests (felonies, misdemeanors and juvenile); locating missing persons (dead or alive); serving judicial bench warrants and injunctions; investigating auto accidents;  issuing traffic citations and performing every CSI Investigation (from fingerprints to DUI examinations). We thank and appreciate the Miami-Dade Police Department for handling of these priority incidences as there are MANY! is EXCEPTIONAL at RUSH serving your eviction!
YOUR Problem Tenant(s)eviction is our ONE and ONLY priority!



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