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RUSH Evictions Incorporated is Miami’s Best and Oldest (non-attorney) eviction services company. Our experienced team of Certified Process Servers are trained to professionally Serve & Remove your Problem Tenant(s) FASTER!  

Police Departments are exceptional at Answering 911 Calls, prioritizing EMTs, Fire Rescue, SWAT and Domestic Violence issues. Police officers make Felony, Misdemeanor and Juvenile Arrests and conduct accident investigations and issue Tickets, accordingly. Police Departments are Exceptional 24/7 365., enforcing Stay Away Orders; making arrests (; locating missing persons (dead or alive); serving judicial bench warrants and injunctions; and performing every We thank and appreciate the Miami-Dade Police Department for handling of these priority incidences as there are MANY!

RushEvictions.com is EXCEPTIONAL at Serving RUSH Same Day Evictions!
YOUR Problem Tenant Eviction is our ONE and ONLY Priority!