Our Three Most Frequent Tenant Eviction Questions​:

Usually about 45 DAYS!

While no one is able to predict the exact date your Miami-Dade County Court Eviction Judge will grant and sign your Final Judgment for Eviction for Non-Payment of Rent and the Writ of Possession, RUSH Evictions makes it FASTER by submitting both documents to the Judge for their prompt signature while complying with ALL the applicable rules of Court.

The entire RUSH Eviction Services Package includes preparation of Court required documents, their rush service and presentation of the final documents to the Court, as required to evict Problem Tenant(s) and will be invoiced as follows:


RUSH Evictions Inc – Flat RATE
Residential Eviction


Commercial Eviction


Clerk Court & JUDGE – Flat RATE
Residential & Commercial


Sheriff – Flat RATE
Final possesion of property when door locks may be changed


You may represent yourself! RUSH Evictions Incorporated has assisted countless landlords like you who want to remove Problem Tenant(s) for non-payment of rent. We make it simple, safe and cost effective!

Rush Evictions Guarantees:

RUSH preparation and service of “Notice of Landlord – Termination of Rent” (including photographs).
RUSH Preparation of “Self-Help” Eviction Complaint and of the 5 Day Eviction Summons.
RUSH legal courier delivery of Complaint to Clerk – PAY Clerk (Eviction Filing Fees).
RUSH same day attempt and service of 5 Day Eviction Summons and Complaint (including photographs).
RUSH preparation of “Self-Help Default Package”(if uncontested – includes notarization and copying services).
RUSH legal courier filing of “Default Package” with the Clerk – obtain scanned PROOF!

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